Monday, December 5, 2011

MePas, New Innovative products for interior design market by Caino Design

STV group has launched a new series of innovative products for the interior design market with the brand name Caino Design. MePas is the name given to the first prototypes of this new range.

Starting from STV's production processes (large size silk screen printing, microelectronics and chemical milling) Takorabo designers Matteo D'Agostino and Emanuele Micono have developed a series of products aimed at interior designers.

Caino Design's approach is deliberately and provokingly different from what we often see in design and fashion trends. They reject the idea of "marketing oriented" products, separated from the reality of production and technology research, where design is at best seen as artistic planning, the ability to imagine beautiful objects made with techniques and materials available on the market and subcontracting their production to suppliers.

The Caino project refers to the most prestigious instances of "product oriented" industrial design, where starting from the production process (the know-how) new products are developed with a cross-discipline approach through innovations in technology, process and style.

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